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Air Conditioning in Fort Worth, TX

If your air conditioner decided to retire on the hottest day of the year, don't worry! One of our skilled AC repair technicians will solve that problem. Norco Services LLC has professionals working for any emergency AC repair services you may need. We are a fully licensed and insured AC repair and air conditioning maintenance company, and we are trained and more than capable to work with any air conditioner brand.

We offer more than just expert AC repair service. We provide professional cooling equipment installation services as well. When our accomplished technicians are at your home, you can be certain they'll not only install your new air conditioning system the right way, they will not leave your home until you’re completely satisfied. That extents to duct testing, dual fuel heat pumps and ductless mini-split systems as well. We serve the whole of the Fort Worth, TX area, so call today for a free estimate!

Trust Us to Handle Central AC Services

Most folks in the Fort Worth area relay on traditional central AC systems to do the job. Central air conditioners use refrigerant to draw heat from the air, then blow that air into your home through a series of ducts. It’s a reliable system, but like any system, it requires repairs every now and again.

If you have a central AC system, you need a reliable air conditioning service to keep it repaired and maintained. The pros at Norco Services LLC can do that, but we also handle installation of new air conditioners and replacement of the old ones when their race is run. We also know how to test ducts, and repair leaky duct systems too. Quality and budget are our top goal, so count on us every time!

Our Team Handles Heat Pumps Too

Heat pump systems are designed to serve as heaters and air conditioners in one: using circulating refrigerant in a manner similar to air conditioners, but with an added feature that allows you to reverse the flow. That cools the air outside your home and releases warm air inside in the winter, while still being able to cool the air inside the home and release warm air outside in the summer.

It makes an attractive option on the Fort Worth area, saving you money on monthly heating costs while rolling your heater and air conditioner into a single unit. And with our team on–hand to handle heat pump installation, heat pump repair and heat pump maintenance, you don’t need to worry about your head pump system at all! Our expertise also extends to hybrid heating systems and dual fuel systems, so contact us today!

Ductless Mini–Split Systems Give You all the Options

Central air units are nice, but they won’t work for every home. In some cases, the best cooling system is a ductless mini split system, which uses multiple units spaced throughout your home that heat individual rooms or sections separately from the rest of the house. Ductless heating and ductless air conditioning systems let you tailor temperatures in each section to suit tastes, or to turn off the system in parts of the house while letting it run in other parts.

For split air conditioner and ductless heating services, you can count on our team every time. If you want to install a new ductless air conditioning or heating system, we’ll go over your options with you, then perform the job with the quality and attention to detail you expect!